Keaton: Street Stunts

street stunts; freerunning; parkour; tricking & tumbling

Urban 'Movement' & Related Websites

Local Spot Map - Areas to train, in and around Brighton and Hove

Urban Athletics  - Group of people training all disciplines in and around Brighton and Hove

Brighton Parkour Link to the Facebook page for all things happening for parkour in and around Brighton!

Urban Shadows - Forum for tracuers / freerunners in Eastbourne, Hastings and surrounding areas.

South Coast Parkour - A site for traceurs on the south coast of England, with a busy community. - Sébastien Foucan's site. Has an academy section as well as biography, history and philosphy of freerunning.

3Run - Freerunning, martial arts, stunts, tricking, parkour. Simply brilliant! See link to their forum on the home page.

Urban Freeflow They say they are the worlds biggest, most active and organised parkour and freerun network. 

Team 101 - Urban movement team. Based on the South Coast of the UK. - A London-based organisation involved in street stunts, parkour, free running and tricking.

Freerunning Wiki - Nice resource, written by the people themselves!

Team Traceur - "Want to spread a positive, truthful and selfless message of Parkour to the world."

Worldwide Jam - Global resource for parkour and free running. NB: Reports of difficulties here, Keep us updated!

Tricks Tutorials -  American site but has a lot of UK users. Busy forum.

Gym & Other Websites

Please note that we know of no current qualification for teaching freerunning, parkour, tricking etc. However, most gym coaches are well-equipped to teach it, if they are in support of it. Ie; landings, take-offs, shape and form, twisting, flipping, strengthening, safety etc. Where there are several gymnastics clubs across Sussex (for example), very few have 'Open' or 'Freestyle' sessions. Those that do are usually happy to support you in whatever your chosen discipline is - and knowledge of freestyle work is growing rapidly. Contact them for more details about their gymnastics; 'open' or 'freestyle' sessions.


Hawth Gymnastic Club - Crawley. They have both gymnastic sessions and a 16+ 'open' session.

Brighton & Hove Gymnastic Club - They have both gymnastic sessions and a 16+ 'open' session.

Basingstoke Gym Club - Has both gymnastic and freestyle sessions (about a 2 hour journey, by car, from Brighton).

1066 Gym Club - Bexhill. Gymnastics and Freestyle Sessions. Under 16s and over 16s sessions.

Brett Curry: You Tube - Link to Keaton's own 'You Tube' page.



If you know of any other websites, that you feel should be here, please let us know.