Keaton: Street Stunts

street stunts; freerunning; parkour; tricking & tumbling

Working with Keaton:

Motion video, stage performance, photography, event or merchandise promotion can all utilise Keaton's skills.  "Not just a freerunner - one of the best urban gymnasts around!"

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Brett (aka Keaton): 07.01.91. Brighton. U.K

"As a kid I was put into gymnastic classes. I trained for just a few hours a week, for many years. However, I always felt that something was missing. Some great films and documentaries; 'Jump London', 'Jump Britain' and 'District B13' inspired me to seek out parkour. Some searching around led to me jamming with some awesome guys in Brighton...

After some initial training and research I found that my background in gymnastics meant that adding some tricking and stunting to my 'freerunning' better-suited my style. I enjoy the freedom of expression that freerunning gives me, certainly more than any sport I've tried. Freerunning is a stunning urban art-form and, as people are becoming more familiar with seeing it on the streets, the understanding of it is improving too. However, my speciality has got to be 'street-stunts'.

I have been training in freerunning and street stunts for a little over 6 years now.

I am happy to train, or perform, alone or with like-minded people.  I attend jams with groups in Brighton and further afield whenever I can. At weekends I can often be seen in and around Brighton improving my technique and sharing my passion!

I feel that all practitioners should be ready, and willing, to continue learning and developing. However, this site shares some of my successes, so far, and my aspirations with those that are interested - and I am always happy to answer questions about any of my activities.

I'm currently studying for a Diploma in Performing Arts and I have gained the BG Assistant Coach qualification. I now help to teach 'freestyle' part time. In my spare time I am an avid 'gamer' and when I'm not training or studying I'm gaming, writing or drawing!"

Brett Curry: January 2011 


August 2011 - After recovering from a nasty injury in July 2010 (in high-impact activity it happens to the best of us), I am at last back on the road to recovery and 100% fit! Keep checking back - a new video is on its way!  If however, you can help out with some pro-editing, I'd be happy to chat!

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